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Measure and manage your organisation’s Social Value initiatives to drive sustainability, enhance community benefits and improve overall impact.



With an effective Social Value programme you can demonstrate your positive impact on people and planet to colleagues, customers and the wider community. Here’s how...

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77% of the UK public believe businesses should have a legal responsibility to put people and the planet alongside making a profit. ​That's why effectively demonstrating your Social Value contributions has never been so important.

Our solution makes it is easier to accurately quantify and evidence your activity throughout your business, and supply chain.Set yourself up for success and give yourself a competitive advantage by creating a Social Value generating engine within your business. 

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Take the strain out of data collection and management along with on-demand reporting 'validated' by Social Value Portal for pain free compliance. Demonstrate proven delivery to all your key stakeholders while easily evaluating new opportunities to increase your Social Value impact and unlock your supply chain.

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By embedding Social Value into your business practices, you can build reputation, attract talent, gain customer loyalty – and play a leading role in creating a more equitable world.

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From helping navigate the complexity to optimising Social Value activity, nobody has our depth and breadth of knowledge when it comes to Social Value measurement, strategies and technologies progressing the movement.

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Why Social Value matters


Customers who are more likely to trust a company that leads with purpose.


Businesses with a purpose beyond making money outperform the market by a factor of 14.


People who say they feel that companies who do not prioritise social issues do not care.

A robust and credible Social Value strategy does more than elevate your brand or inspire your workforce - it will unlock new and fundamentally better ways to do business.
Guy Battle
Social Value Portal
The reporting support has been invaluable. We couldn’t have made the progress we have over the last three years as quickly without Social Value Portal.
Charlotte Davies
It has been fascinating to understand the impact of the work that we do – whether it be through local employment, skills and development, and our wider supply chain activity.
Robin Mills
Compass Group UK & Ireland

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Business FAQs:

How can a business measure Social Value?

Measuring Social Value requires a comprehensive approach that captures both the direct and indirect effects of a business's activities on its stakeholders. This process often involves conducting impact assessments to evaluate how business operations affect the community and the environment. Companies can also utilize stakeholder surveys to gather insights on the perceived benefits and areas for improvement.

Another useful method is the Social Return on Investment (SROI), which quantifies the financial value of social impacts in relation to the investment made. This approach helps businesses understand the effectiveness of their initiatives in creating meaningful social change.

How do you ensure Social Value is embedded within business planning?

Embedding Social Value in your business planning and governance should be a priority for your leadership team. For maximal impact, consider establishing Social Value as a recurring board agenda item and incorporating it into future budgeting.   

There are many ways to ensure that Social Value is being prioritised at all levels and functions, however. Here are a few routes that our members have gone down: 

  • Restructuring their Social Value process internally, with different roles accountable for different regions and an organisation-wide commitment to logging data on our platform.  
  • Creating a network to capture Social Value data, feeding it toward a dedicated individual or function responsible for correctly formatting and logging it.  
  • Getting the head of procurement significantly involved in Social Value, ensuring the whole function prioritises it.  
  • Hiring a sustainable procurement manager to ensure that Social Value never falls through the cracks when procurement managers are strained for resource. 
  • Taking a full 360 perspective, considering not only your own Social Value but also that of the projects you deliver and your own supply chain. 
What are the best practices for reporting on Social Value?

Reporting on Social Value effectively demands transparency, consistency and credibility. Businesses should clearly define what Social Value means within their context and establish specific objectives to guide their efforts. It is crucial to incorporate both quantitative and qualitative data to provide a comprehensive overview of social impacts.

Additionally, companies should commit to regular reporting, which not only demonstrates ongoing progress but also helps in maintaining stakeholder trust and engagement over time.

How should organisations operating nationally, or online, report local Social Value?

The Social Value TOM System™ framework is currently designed to measure Social Value delivered within the UK. When it is used within a procurement setting, the TOM System helps the buyer to share Social Value priorities; bidders can meanwhile use the framework to create an appropriate Social Value action plan. This is the case whether the contract is being delivered directly in a community or it is national or online, and it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the Social Value requirements are reasonable for the contract type, length and value.  

There are various Social Value initiatives which can be delivered virtually – we saw this in action particularly during the pandemic. Examples include remote mentoring, school workshops, and pro bono business advice sessions. In fact, the lack of travel entailed in these initiatives often makes them more practical than their in-person equivalents. 

Ultimately, if your embedment in local communities is limited, the key thing is to focus on creating a robust and diverse overall Social Value offering – this can more than offset a limited local footprint. And bear in mind that if you’re responding to a tender, the other bidding organisations are in the same boat.  

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