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Social Value Consulting

Optimise your Social Value impact with our specialist services and programmes.




Work with our specialists leading and shaping the industry to make your Social Value count. From embedding Social Value into how you do business, improving employee engagement to driving long-term outcomes for your communities – Social Value pays dividends.

Why consulting?

Your Social Value, amplified.

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Solutions for all
sectors and industries

Whether you're a bidder aiming to showcase your commitment to social responsibility, a real estate developer striving to create a place-based Social Value strategy to drive long-term impact, or an established business seeking enhance your Social Value activity, our consulting team is here to guide you.

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Data-driven insights
to inform a strategic vision

With over 10,000 projects, the largest bank of validated data and regularly collated local needs and carbon assessments, our dedicated specialists have transformed insights into actionable strategies for our thousands of members.

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Ongoing support to
maximise your impact

We can work with you throughout your Social Value journey from getting started to implementing company-wide initiatives. The team is always on hand to help you continually optimise activity and showcase your value creation.

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Stay two steps ahead 

Our team are the forefront of industry trends and emerging best practices. We share our insights, provide training sessions, and offer ongoing support to ensure that your organisation remains equipped to seize new opportunities and drive positive change.

Programmes of work built around you

Our experts will work closely with you to develop a scope of work that aligns to your wider business objectives and responds to your challenges.

Corporate strategy services

Strategy Starter

Understand your Social Value opportunity.

We engage key stakeholders to draw out what is going well and what is getting in the way of delivering Social Value. Our experts help you understand your track record, how to build on it and what your next steps should be.

Strategy Development

Set yourself up for success.

Our strategy experts conduct interviews, facilitate workshops and draw on our in-house maturity diagnostic tool to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities to drive Social Value in your organisation. We will collaborate with you to create a Strategy Action Plan to implement solutions for the short, medium and long-term.

Corporate Reports

Demonstrate your commitment to Social Value.

Capture existing Social Value activities and corporate programmes, develop a measures set, and consolidate into recommendations and/or a comprehensive report.

Strategic Bid Support

Differentiate your organisation from competitors.

We help bidders to the public sector build a considered and robust response to Social Value tender questions, ensuring you following key principles and make reasonable commitments. We also deliver training on Social Value, the TOM System™ and the Social Value Model to bid teams to build expertise.


Planning services

Design & Planning Support

Communicate your Social Value ambitions.

Our planning experts immerse themselves in your design team for new developments and create a place-based Social Value Statement for the scheme. It provides clear Social Value commitments and recommendations for every step of the development lifecycle.

Public Sector Planning Policy

Embed Social Value at the heart of planning.

Incorporating Social Value into planning policy helps local authorities maximise long-term, positive outcomes for the communities they serve. Our team helps planners understand how best to do this, from leveraging the Local Plan and updating Validation Requirements, to creating supporting guidance for development teams.

Planning Consultants Licence

Drive Social Value across the planning industry.

We develop partnerships with planning consultants who can license the Social Value TOM System™ and use it to create Social Value Statements for new developments. We share guidance and deliver a training programme to ensure it is used correctly and a robust process is followed.

Data-driven insights services

Local Needs Analysis

Maximise impact through needs-based decisions.

This granular report provides deep insight into a community's biggest challenges and highlighting opportunities—aligned to the Social Value TOM System™ or the Social Value Model —to drive economic, social and environmental outcomes.

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Lifecycle Carbon Assessments

Minimise and capture your embodied carbon.

Working with real estate developers and asset managers to undertake lifecycle carbon assessments for new schemes that capture live embodied carbon data and inform reduction opportunities for future projects.

In numbers...


We are proud to have the most experienced team in the industry.


Our team of Consultants and Member Advisors are dedicated to amplifying your Social Value.


Our team have been putting theory into practice with our strategy programmes for over 10 years. 


We have developed the leading methodologies that shape, embed and amplify Social Value.


Our Social Value Scientists are dedicated to data.


Bids supported by our specialists.

10 hrs

It takes as little as 10 hours to get you reporting Social Value.

Real World

As our Social Value Success Factors report indicates, some 82% of our respondents expect to spend more time supporting Social Value over the coming three years. Having a well-considered and properly integrated Social Value strategy will be a key differentiator moving forward.
Anna McChesney-Gordon
Director of Consultancy, Social Value Portal
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Whether you are a bidder, buyer or business, it’s our complete solution that makes for an altogether more successful Social Value Strategy. Because of our endorsed measurement framework, data analytics, validation and continual specialist support, you’re not only in the safest hands, but also set-up to create meaningful Social Value – with lasting impact.
Guy Battle
CEO, Social Value Portal
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Consulting spotlight

How our consulting programmes set you up for lasting success

Our Director of Consultancy, Anna McChesney-Gordon, discusses the benefits of an effective Social Value strategy.

Consulting FAQs:

Our organisation has never measured Social Value before. Where do we begin?

Whatever the maturity of your organisation, our consultants help you at any stage of your Social Value journey. We’ll help with mapping your current social value initiatives and their potential, developing a Social Value strategy, analysing stakeholder needs and priorities, conducting benchmarking and corporate reporting whilst also delivering specialist advisory services around planning and asset management.

Can I buy consulting services without membership?

Yes, let us know what your needs are and we can design a bespoke consulting programme to suit.

How does a Local Needs Analysis help councils identify their Social Value needs?

The purpose of a Local Needs Analysis is to gain deeper insight into the  key Social Value needs and opportunities in a local area. This ensures that  Social Value activities can have a real and lasting impact. It also helps councils to focus interventions on a hyper-local level; after all, needs in one area of a local authority may be different to another.

Procuring councils can use these insights to inform suppliers’ bids and developers’ planning applications, and as a mechanism to deliver ‘place-based’ Social Value.

Ultimately, a Local Needs Analysis should help the council, as well as their suppliers, developers and stakeholders, to prioritise the Measures they will deliver against and partnerships that they engage with.

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Propel your Social Value with our solution suite:



Your Social Value, amplified.

Shape, embed and deliver
Social Value with impact.

Full strategy programme or a one-off project? Our
Social Value Specialists are ready to set you up for success.



Your Social Value, quantified.

Quantify your Social Value
with confidence.

Our Social Value TOM System™ is the most trusted and robust measurement standard, ensuring you stay target aligned, evidence-based and impact driven.



Your Social Value, optimised.

Manage, action and report your
Social Value with ease.

Designed to support you at every stage of your Social Value journey, our Workspace is primed to optimise your Social Value activity.

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