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Social Value Measurement

Quantify and validate your Social Value with the most widely adopted Social Value TOM system



Social Value measurement and reporting has become critical for business. ​Stay target-aligned, evidence-based and impact-driven with the only measurement system that is underpinned by government data and co-created with stakeholders across the public and private sectors.

The Social Value TOM System™

Your Social Value, quantified.

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Setting the standard

Our Social Value TOM Systemof Themes, Outcomes and Measures is the most trusted method for recording and reporting Social Value today. Engineered by our Social Scientists and backed by up-to-date data sources, it’s the most robust way to accurately and credibly evidence your activity.

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Configurable, compatible,
and accessible

The TOM System is configurable to your need, location, sector and KPIs. Plus, it aligns with other sustainability and Social Value frameworks, such as the UNSDGs and Social Value Model.

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No half measures,

Widely adopted and more robustly calculated than any other framework, the TOM System lets you easily understand your progress and performance against peers while driving efficiencies and informed decision-making.

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Tell the complete story

There are two sides to every story and the TOM System measures both. With your activity quantified in financial terms, evidenced with outcomes and then validated by us, you can clearly and credibly report your achievements.

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Our Social Value TOM System™ of Themes, Outcomes and Measures is the most
established and trusted method for recording and reporting Social Value today.

Our measurement principles:

Themes, Outcomes and Measures

The structure which underpins our system.

Our key Social Value themes:

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No double counting

An organisation is ‘double counting’ when it reports against the same targets twice. It's a common mistake and one that our experts will help you root out. 


Social Value should always be attributed to something, whether a business, division, contract, or other activity. We will ensure that all Social Value is attributed correctly to ensure your reporting is robust and accurate.


Where a buyer embeds Social Value requirements in a tender or a bidder commits to delivering Social Value, it should be relevant to the core activity or contract.


Social Value should always be 'additional', meaning over and above core contractual and legal requirements or business as usual standards.


Transparency is at the core of the TOM System - that's why we insist on robust evidence for Social Value reporting. Additionally, our methodology is based on published data from 17 official, accredited and publicly available government data sources.

In numbers...


Social Value records reviewed annually by our team.


Our proxy values are updated annually using 17+ robust data sources.


Research papers published annually to ensure relevancy of measures.


We have a zero policy on unvalidated data, which means all project data meets the standard.


Hours of R&D spent improving the Social Value TOM SystemTM


Creators of the most widely used measurement standard – the Social Value TOM SystemTM


Our social scientists are dedicated to data.

Working with Social Value Portal we have been able to quantify the value of our Social Value commitments. This was a golden nugget. The difference is that we have reliable information to inform the tender response and, of course, the Social Value TOM System™ provided a figure stating how much our commitments are worth in money terms. This is essential to meet the UK Government PPN 06-20 legislation on Social Value in Infrastructure.

Laura Crassus
Proposals Manager, BAM Nuttall

By using the Social Value TOM System™, we’ll be able to measure and analyse the value we add to local communities and use this as a benchmark for driving continuous improvements. We look forward to strengthening our Social Value policy to further enhance our Social Value contribution in the future.

Wendy Merricks
CEO, Jumar Group

Whether you are a bidder, buyer or business, it’s our comprehensive solution that makes for an altogether more successful Social Value Strategy. Because of our endorsed measurement standard, data analytics, validation and continual specialist support, you’re not only in the safest hands, but also set-up to create meaningful Social Value – with lasting impact.

Guy Battle
CEO, Social Value Portal
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Measurement spotlight

Why we created the Social Value TOM System™

Our Chief Strategy Officer, Nathan Goode, discusses why the measurement framework works so flexibly for all.

Measurement FAQs:

What is the Social Value TOM System™?

The Social Value TOM (Themes, Outcomes, Measures) System™ is the most widely adopted and trusted framework for recording and reporting Social Value.  

Developed by Social Value Portal in collaboration with 40 organisations across the public, private, and third sector, it provides a robust and standardised approach to measuring positive impact. 

The system is structured around four key Themes:  

  • Work: Providing opportunities 
  • Economy: Driving inclusive growth 
  • Community: Empowering communities 
  • Planet: Environmental stewardship 

 Within each Theme are specific Outcomes that describe the targeted change or benefit an organisation wants to create through its activities and initiatives. The Measures then represent the quantifiable actions it takes. 

What ensures the TOM System’s robustness and credibility?

The TOM System is underpinned by extensive research, based on 17 official, accredited and publicly available government data sources, and review of over 1000 research papers. It also boasts the backing of a team of 10 economists and data analysts with 80 years of cumulative experience.  

All Social Value project data also goes through our internal validation process, with around 4,000 records reviewed per year, ensuring the highest standard of credibility. We are stringent about rooting out mistakes in reporting which could result in inaccurate or inflated claims, such as double counting, misattribution, or lack of additionality.   

Moreover, the widespread adoption of the TOM System across the public and private sectors over nearly a decade has allowed Social Value Portal to establish an unparalleled database of Social Value activity and insight into the most impactful measures across industries. This enables us to continually refine the TOM System based on 150,000 data points and over 10,500 projects which have been managed through our platform. 

What types of Social Value delivery score best?

The activities which we typically see deliver the most reported Social Value often have the following in common:

Specificity: Consider pursuing targeted and time-bound initiatives related to your organisation’s core activities, rather than more general ones. For example, if you are a consultancy, you might be able to give expert advice to VCSEs. Focus on how you can respond to local needs and priorities, where relevant to the tender.

Detail: When you report your Social Value activities, it is important to offer a detailed account of your actions with evidence to support the data you are providing. Be careful to also use the right units of measurement for your quantitative data. This approach will help boost your Social Value scores.

Attribution: When you report Social Value activities, the activities should be attributable to you and not your supply chain or another organisation.

Does the TOM System offer flexibility to users?

While providing a consistent measurement framework, the TOM System can be adapted to reflect an organisation's unique priorities, contexts, locations, sectors, and requirements. Because Measures can be recalibrated based on defined parameters, the system offers thousands of potential metrics.  

It also aligns to standards like the UK Government's Social Value Model, UN Sustainable Development Goals, GRESB, SASB, GRI and more.

Does the Social Value TOM System™ align with PPN 06/20 and the UK Government’s Social Value Model?

The Social Value Model (introduced alongside PPN 06/20) only mandates a qualitative evaluation, and while it is useful in terms of procurement, it doesn’t measure Social Value delivery.

That’s why Social Value Portal has mapped the TOM System™ against the  Social Value Model and the MACs within it. When it comes specifically to delivery, our Central Government Mapping Tool supports contract management and enables users to comprehensively demonstrate what  is being delivered through the metrics within the TOM System.

This ultimately enables bidders to go beyond the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of their Social Value offer by giving an indication of scale: how much Social Value  they could deliver under contract if they’re successful.   

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