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Designed for Real Estate

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Planning Advisory

We support Local Authorities to embed Social Value into their planning policy. We also support planners, design teams, developers and consultants to create Social Value strategies for new schemes.

Local Needs Analysis

We help you to identify unique local challenges and opportunities. This collaborative effort not only aligns your corporate goals with local organisations but also highlights crucial partnerships with charities and third sector organisations in need of your support.

Corporate Reporting

We help utilities providers to capture data across business divisions and provide a rich narrative for internal or external stakeholders.

Strategy Development

Create Social Value strategies and policies through facilitated surveys and workshops that guide you in defining and taking ownership of your approach.

Strategic Bid Support

We support bidders to the public sector with the Social Value element of tender responses to ensure they make reasonable and material, but ambitious, commitments.

Place-based Projects

Facilitate collaboration between anchor institutions in a specific area to drive positive outcomes for local communities.

Carbon Assessments

Undertake embodied and whole-life carbon assessments of real estate developments to help identify carbon hotspots, set baselines, drive improvements and quantify carbon reductions against the baseline.

RESVI: Real Estate Social Value Index

Detailed, standardised reporting tool to help you measure and improve the Social Value generated by your ‘in-use’ real estate and infrastructure assets, enabling you to attribute financial value against Social Value outcomes by asset.

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We understand your challenges because no one knows real estate like us. That’s why our solution checks all your boxes.

  • Secure funding and planning permissions
  • Implement with clarity and confidence
  • Understand and align delivery to local needs
  • Report validated metrics with ease
  • Analyse the 'S' in your ESG requirements
  • Track Social Value throughout a property lifecycle
  • Maximise asset value
  • Demonstrate value to investors, stakeholders and clients

Why Social Value matters


SV£ as a proportion of construction costs at Landsec.


Social Value delivered in 2022 by Westfield London.


Projects managed via our Workspace.

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Planning Advisory

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We're on a journey to ensure we give back to the communities around us and to safeguard the future of our planet. I am pleased to see that both our centres saw Social Value contributions increase.
Alyson Hodkinson
Social Value Portal’s research and recommendations were invaluable in helping Landsec develop a public benefits offer that was rooted in local needs. It has added a certain powerful context to the current activity on site.
Kate Honey
Using Social Value Portal was a simple way to help us look at what we want to derive in exchange for that space to the benefit of residents and businesses. We looked across our services against a series of TOM measures to understand what to target.
Caroline Wilson
Islington Council

Real Estate FAQs:

Why is Social Value important in real estate?

In real estate, emphasising social value is crucial because property developments can have significant impacts on local communities and environments. By focussing on Social Value, developers can enhance community well-being, promote sustainability and build positive relationships with local stakeholders, potentially increasing the long-term success and acceptance of projects.

How can Social Value Portal help real estate developers?

For real estate developers, the SVP workspace, measurement tools and strategic consulting offerings provide ways to assess the impact of their projects on the community, set targets for improvement and create measurable social value objectives. This can help in developing a clear, strategic approach to maximising the positive impacts of their developments, and in demonstrating their commitment to corporate social responsibility.

What is the Real Estate Social Value Index (RESVI)?
The Real Estate Social Value Index (RESVI) is a tool for measuring, reporting, and improving the Social Value generated by your in-use real estate and infrastructure assets. RESVI works by collecting data from key stakeholders and conducting a diagnostic, grading and Social Value assessment. Users receive a unique asset report, data pack, and portfolio report. Find out more about RESVI.
What are the key components of a place-based Social Value strategy in real estate?

A place-based Social Value strategy involves tailoring development projects to the specific needs and priorities of the local area. Key components include:

  • Needs assessment: Understanding the specific needs of the community where development is planned.
  • Partnership building: Identifying and collaborating with local organisations and stakeholders.
  • Target setting: Establishing clear, measurable goals for social, economic and environmental outcomes.
  • Impact measurement: Using tools like Social Value Portal to track progress and impact.
  • Continuous improvement: Regularly updating the strategy based on feedback and impact assessments to enhance benefits over time.
What are the benefits of maximising social value in real estate projects?

Maximising Social Value in real estate projects offers several benefits:

  • Enhanced reputation: Improving public perception and stakeholder trust, which can lead to smoother project approvals and increased business opportunities.
  • Community support: Gaining support from local communities, which can reduce resistance and foster a cooperative environment.
  • Sustainability: Contributing to environmental sustainability and meeting regulatory standards, which can attract investors and customers interested in sustainable development.
  • Economic benefits: Potentially increasing the economic viability of projects through incentives like tax breaks or expedited permitting processes associated with Social Value initiatives.

Some of our members and clients leading the Social Value agenda:

BT Group
Met Office
Bristol Council City

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