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Designed for Security and Defence

Access our Consulting Specialists on a project by project basis or build into your membership plan,
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Strategy Starter
Understand your Social Value opportunity. We engage key stakeholders to draw out what is going well and what is getting in the way of delivering Social Value. Our experts help you understand your track record, how to build on it and what your next steps should be.
Strategy Development

Set yourself up for success. Our strategy experts conduct interviews, facilitate workshops and draw on our in-house maturity diagnostic tool to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities to drive Social Value in your organisation. We will collaborate with you to create a Strategy Action Plan to implement solutions for the short, medium and long-term.

Strategic Bid Support

We support bidders to the public sector with the Social Value element of tender responses to ensure they make reasonable and material, but ambitious, commitments.

Corporate Reports

Capture existing Social Value activities and corporate programmes, develop a measures set, and consolidate into recommendations and/or a comprehensive report.

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The reporting support has been invaluable. We couldn’t have made the progress we have over the last three years as quickly without Social Value Portal.
Charlotte Davies
It has been fascinating to understand the impact of the work that we do – whether it be through local employment, our D&I agenda, commitment to our wider supply chain activity, or the many community projects we support.
Robin Mills
Compass Group UK & Ireland
Using Social Value Portal was a simple way to help us look at what we want to derive in exchange for that space to the benefit of Islington residents and businesses. We looked across our services against a series of TOM measures to understand what to target.
Caroline Wilson
Islington Council


Why is measuring Social Value increasingly becoming a requirement in defence contracts?

Measuring Social Value is becoming a global trend in defence contracts as governments and stakeholders increasingly recognise the role of the defence sector in promoting social well-being and economic development. This shift ensures that defence spending also contributes to broader societal goals, such as improving local communities, enhancing employment opportunities and advancing technological education. It reflects a move towards more responsible and impactful spending that aligns defence procurement with national and international social objectives.

What is the Social Value requirement for MOD contracts in the UK?

The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) requires all suppliers to demonstrate how they will deliver on Social Value objectives as part of the procurement process. Defence companies bidding for MOD contracts need to incorporate Social Value into their proposals, detailing how they will contribute positively to the UK society. The MOD assesses these proposals partly based on their social value impact, which can significantly influence contract awards. Using  Social Value Portal can help defence companies effectively meet these requirements by quantifying and improving their Social Value contributions.

How does the Social Value Portal help security and defence companies?

Social Value Portal provides a framework, tools and strategic consulting services that help companies measure and manage the social impact of their business operations. Social Value Portal allows companies to track and report on their social value contributions quantitatively, making it easier to communicate their impact to stakeholders and align their strategies with Social Value objectives. It also provides insights and benchmarks against industry standards, which can guide companies in improving their social impact performance.

Some of our members and clients leading the Social Value agenda:

BT Group
Bristol Council City

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