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Designed for Tech and Telecom

Access our Consulting Specialists on a project-by-project basis or build into your membership plan,
whichever suits your needs.

Strategy Starter
Understand your Social Value opportunity. We engage key stakeholders to draw out what is going well and what is getting in the way of delivering Social Value. Our experts help you understand your track record, how to build on it and what your next steps should be.
Strategy Development

Create Social Value strategies and policies through facilitated surveys and workshops that guide you in defining and taking ownership of your approach.

Corporate Reports

Capture existing Social Value activities and corporate programmes, develop a measures set, and consolidate into recommendations and/or a comprehensive report.

Strategic Bid Support
Differentiate your organisation from competitors. We help bidders to the public sector build a considered and robust response to Social Value tender questions, ensuring you following key principles and make reasonable commitments. We also deliver training on Social Value, the TOM System™ and the Social Value Model to bid teams to build expertise.

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We understand your challenge because no one knows tech and telecoms like us. That’s why our solution checks all your boxes.

  • Implement with clarity and confidence
  • Report validated metrics with ease
  • Analyse the 'S' in your ESG requirements
  • Demonstrate value to stakeholders and clients
  • Win more bids and secure more contracts
  • Attract and engage your employee base
  • Enhance your brand reputation and loyalty

Why Social Value matters


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It has been fascinating to understand the impact of the work that we do – whether it be through local employment, skills and development, and our wider supply chain activity.
Robin Mills
Compass Group UK & Ireland
Reporting using the TOM System allows us to identify our strengths and areas of improvement. We’re now able to think more strategically about where we go next, because we have the data we need.
Charlotte Davies
Social Value Portal has been a great partner, challenging us along the way. It has allowed us to demonstrate better value than cash in the bank.
Caroline Wilson
Islington Council


How can we integrate Social Value into our everyday operations?
Tech and telecom companies can integrate Social Value by developing digital inclusion programs, promoting sustainability in device manufacturing and disposal and enhancing access to technology in underserved communities. Leveraging the Social Value TOM System™, companies can measure and optimise these impacts, ensuring their initiatives are not only beneficial but also measurable and scalable.
How can we leverage the SVP workspace for better impact reporting?
Simply put, you can centralise and manage your Social Value data efficiently. The workspace facilitates comprehensive reporting on social, economic and environmental impacts, aligns with global standards like the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, and helps companies like yours set and track Social Value targets across operations and supply chains.
How does the TOM System help tech and telecom companies quantify their Social Value initiatives?
The TOM System helps tech and telecom companies by providing a framework to record, report, and monetise Social Value initiatives. It uses financial proxy values derived from authoritative data sources, allowing companies to translate their social and environmental efforts into monetary terms. This quantification aids in benchmarking performance and demonstrating tangible value to stakeholders.
Can delivering Social Value attract more investors to my company?

Investors increasingly consider environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors when making decisions. Demonstrating a strong commitment to Social Value through SVP can attract impact investors and enhance a company’s appeal to a broader investor base. It signals a commitment to sustainable, ethical business practices and long-term value creation, which are key considerations for today's investors.

Some of our members and clients leading the Social Value agenda:

BT Group

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