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Designed for utilities and energy

Access our Consulting team on a project-by-project basis or build the following into your membership plan,
whichever suits your needs.

Strategy Starter
Understand your Social Value opportunity. We engage key stakeholders to draw out what is going well and what is getting in the way of delivering Social Value. Our experts help you understand your track record, how to build on it and what your next steps should be.
Strategy Development

Set yourself up for success. Our strategy experts conduct interviews, facilitate workshops and draw on our in-house maturity diagnostic tool to identify strengths, gaps and opportunities to drive Social Value in your organisation. We will collaborate with you to create a Strategy Action Plan to implement solutions for the short, medium and long-term.

Corporate Reports

Capture existing Social Value activities and corporate programmes, develop a measures set, and consolidate into recommendations and/or a comprehensive report.

Strategic Bid Support

We support bidders to the public sector with the Social Value element of tender responses to ensure they make reasonable and material, but ambitious, commitments.

Local Needs Analysis

Gain deeper insight into the key Social Value needs and opportunities in a local area. This ensures that Social Value activities can have a real and lasting impact. It also helps organisations to focus interventions on a hyper-local level.

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We understand your challenge because no one knows utilities and energy like us. That’s why our solution checks all your boxes.

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  • Analyse the 'S' in your ESG requirements
  • Demonstrate value to stakeholders and clients

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Social Value Portal is very worthwhile, providing us with necessary and additional support to prove our Social Value ... and to ensure we met our targets.
Emily Farrell
Ebsford Environmental
Using Social Value Portal and the TOM System was a simple way to help us look at what we want to derive in exchange for that space to the benefit of Islington residents and businesses.
Caroline Wilson
Islington Council
The reporting support has been invaluable. We couldn’t have made the progress we have over the last three years as quickly without Social Value Portal.
Charlotte Davies


How can utilities and energy companies incorporate Social Value into their strategic planning?

Utilities and energy companies can incorporate Social Value by investing in renewable energy projects, supporting energy efficiency programs for low-income households, and engaging in local community development initiatives.

By using the Social Value TOM System™, these companies can strategically align their operations with social and environmental goals, ensuring that their initiatives are effectively measured and managed.

What role does Social Value play in enhancing regulatory compliance and community relations for energy companies?

Incorporating Social Value helps energy companies exceed regulatory requirements and build stronger relationships with communities.

Initiatives such as reducing emissions beyond compliance levels, engaging in transparent communication, and actively participating in community improvement projects can enhance public trust and secure social license to operate.

How can Social Value Portal's consulting services help utilities companies develop effective Social Value strategies?
Our Consulting team can help utilities and energy companies develop effective Social Value strategies by conducting local needs analysis, helping to integrate Social Value into corporate reporting, and offering strategic bid support. These services ensure that utilities companies not only commit to, but also achieve, meaningful, measurable impacts in their operational areas, enhancing overall sustainability and community benefits.
What specific measures can utilities and energy companies adopt to create substantial Social Value, particularly in sustainable practices?

Utilities and energy companies can create substantial Social Value by implementing measures such as investing in sustainable water management technologies, promoting biodiversity in utility-controlled lands, and offering subsidies for renewable energy solutions to low-income households.

These efforts not only contribute to environmental stewardship but also support economic and social wellbeing in the communities they serve.

How does the Workspace support utilities and energy companies in managing and reporting Social Value?

The Workspace provides utilities and energy companies with a centralised platform to manage and report on their Social Value initiatives.

It allows for the integration of data across various projects, facilitating seamless updates, comprehensive impact assessments and collaboration among teams. The workspace supports utilities in aligning their Social Value efforts with industry standards and stakeholder expectations, thereby enhancing transparency and accountability.

Some of our members and clients leading the Social Value agenda:

BT Group
Bristol Council City

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