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Service Design Solution: An SME that lives and breathes Social Value

Learn about Services Design Solution's bottom up approach to maximising Social Value and building stronger communities.


Services Design Solution (SDS) is a building services engineering consultancy that strives for sustainable design. The team constantly evolves their practices, both to adapt to changes in legislation and adopt technical advances.

SDS wants to maximise its Social Value contributions across the regions it operates in, whether by supporting local charities and employment initiatives, engaging with schools and universities, or advising on zero-carbon solutions.

The business sets its annual targets against the UK government’s Social Value Model, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and Social Value TOM System™.

Harnessing bottom-up Social Value innovation

SDS is not a 'top-down' company - employees are encouraged to make Social Value suggestions. Most are actively involved with the community outside of work, with many being school governors, sports and social club members, and volunteers.

Staff also have Social Value targets within their appraisals - an approach we discuss in our Social Value Success Factors Toolkit.

SDS has had a Social Value commitment embedded in its operations since it began trading in 2004. The organisation puts this into practice by appointing Social Value champions with extensive experience translating strategy into delivery.

Through its resources, experience, and commitment, SDS aims to deliver genuine benefits to the local economy. It is carbon-neutral and donates 1% of turnover to supporting well-being projects in local communities.

Setting Social Value goals 

SDS’s business plan sets out annual goals, including Social Value ambitions and targets. These are presented to all employees, with Directors encouraging comments and contributions from everyone.

Last year, a new Social Value focused business plan introduced non-financial reporting, applying to social matters such as growth, volunteer hours, charitable giving, training, and carbon elimination.

The company's investment in Social Value early in its history has paid dividends. Social Value weightings in tenders have risen from as little as 5% to as high as 40% in some instances.

This has given companies like SDS, that have a long history of prioritising sustainability, a growing competitive advantage.

SDS's Social Value structure

Social Value runs throughout SDS, driven by the Managing Director and supported by the Management Board.

SDS's Operations Director ensures that the business's procurement of goods and services is sustainable and ethical, while its Finance Director is committed to making fair payments to the supply chain and monitoring compliance against key performance indicators.

Furthermore, three Regional Directors are responsible for driving Social Value within their office branches, encouraging team participation, and identifying opportunities to support local communities.

Measuring Social Value success 

Adopting the TOM System has given SDS a consistent approach to measuring and reporting Social Value across businesses, sectors, and localities. They can make continuous improvements throughout their maturity journey, and compare their business performance to sector and industry benchmarks.

Crucially, the organisation now has a solid understanding of what ‘good’ looks like. Using these benchmarks, SDS has reached net zero in operational carbon, adopting ‘be lean, clean, green’ principles.

How SDS strengthens the supply chain and communities

SDS is committed to sustainable and ethical procurement within its supply chain.

In 2021, the business achieved recognition under the ‘Fair Payment Charter’ in support of the UK Government’s aim of delivering stronger relationships between the industry and its clients, fewer disputes, and more equitable contractual terms.

In the last financial year, SDS donated an equivalent of £900 per staff member to local wellbeing and community groups, a 148% year-on-year increase in charitable giving. In 2022 so far, SDS have already seen a 60% increase in volunteering hours.

These figures are truly impressive for an SME and demonstrate SDS's unflagging commitment to Social Value.

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About Social Value Portal

Since 2017 Social Value Portal has been at the forefront of the Social Value movement. As creators of the endorsed Social Value TOM SystemTM, hosts of the annual Social Value Conference and founding members of the independent National Social Value Taskforce – they set industry standards and lead the business agenda.

Their unique mix of consultancy, cloud platform and programmes offer organisations the complete solution to accurately measure, manage and report Social Value – and create lasting impact.

In 2022, SVP achieved B Corp status, scoring above average in all assessed. The company’s aim is to promote better business and community wellbeing through the integration of Social Value into day-to-day business activity across all sectors.

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