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How T Brown Group is transforming its culture with Social Value

Our Consultancy team is working closely with T Brown Group to embed Social Value into the company's business model. We deep dive into the co-creation approach we used to create their new Social Value Strategy. 


In the 50+ years since it was founded, mechanical, electrical and building services company T Brown Group (TBG) has been deeply committed to delivering better outcomes for the communities it serves. But despite this longstanding dedication, the business never measured its Social Value impact systematically.  

TBG’s partnership with Social Value Portal has helped to kickstart a transformative journey toward a fresh sense of purpose across the organisation. In this spotlight, we’ll be exploring the Social Value Strategy TBG has put in place, and the internal impact the business is working to create.

Working with Social Value Portal 

To enhance and accelerate its Social Value offering, TBG decided to work with our Consultancy team on a comprehensive Social Value Strategy programme, comprising an initial briefing, a diagnostic survey, and a series of focus group discussions and workshops.  

The partnership commenced with a workshop to familiarise TBG’s leaders and managers with the concept of Social Value and identify key gaps and opportunities to deliver community impact.

Social Value Portal helped us realise that developing a Social Value strategy doesn’t necessitate a complete overhaul of existing processes. For us, it was about refining what we were already doing and capturing the value we create.

Emily Gardiner

Emily Gardiner, Director of HR and Communications at TBG 

Creating a Social Value culture

The Social Value Strategy programme has played a key role in unlocking the potential of TBG’s leaders to champion Social Value and make positive community outcomes core to its strategy. 

Having grappled with high staff turnover and low retention, the business is now starting to use Social Value to engage staff in the organisation’s wider purpose.  

A notable example is TBG’s volunteering scheme, facilitated by On-Hand, which has seen enthusiastic participation from across the organisation. Additionally, the company has implemented an Employee Assistance Programme and mental health training.

The new generation of talent wants to work for an employer that gives back, and in the coming months TBG’s Social Value programme will bring this to life for the workforce.

Emily Gardiner, Director of HR and Communications, TBG

Where is TBG creating impact?  

Social Value Portal’s Consultancy team specialises in identifying the intersection between organisational capabilities, stakeholder priorities, and community needs – the ‘Social Value sweet spot’.  

Sweet spot

For TBG, our analysis revealed four key ways the business could make a difference to society, which sit at the centre of TBG’s new Social Value programme: 

  1. Inclusive community spaces: Reinvigorating unfit or unused community spaces and supporting local community projects and vulnerable groups. 
  2. Greener community spaces: Removing waste, restoring biodiversity, and decarbonising its operations and supply chain. 
  3. Equitable routes to employment: Widening access to skills and employment for disadvantaged groups. 
  4. Thriving local economy: Promoting wellbeing and diversity in the workplace and building diverse and sustainable supply chains. 

To measure success, TBG will use the Social Value TOM System™, which has provided 32 specific and measurable initiatives to build their approach around.  

I can’t speak highly enough of Social Value Portal: it’s the best experience I’ve had with an external business. We now have a five-year plan to strengthen employee engagement and retention. We want to make a real difference to communities, and its essential to bring all our people along on the journey with us.

Emily Gardiner, Director of HR and Communications, TBG

TBG’s Social Value future 

The next phase of TBG’s Social Value journey will involve the implementation of its Social Value Policy and Strategy across the full organisation.  

This will be internally co-ordinated by the TBG's Social Value Leadership Group – a core of passionate Social Value champions from across the business. Together, these leads work to develop divisional Social Value plans and embed data capture processes.  

It’s been a pleasure to see TBG’s progress embedding Social Value and positive community outcomes into its operating model. I look forward to seeing the impact that they will create moving forward.

James Jenkins, Strategy and Reporting Consultant at Social Value Portal

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About Social Value Portal

Since 2017 Social Value Portal has been at the forefront of the Social Value movement. As creators of the endorsed Social Value TOM SystemTM, hosts of the annual Social Value Conference and founding members of the independent National Social Value Taskforce – they set industry standards and lead the business agenda.

Their unique mix of consultancy, cloud platform and programmes offer organisations the complete solution to accurately measure, manage and report Social Value – and create lasting impact.

In 2022, SVP achieved B Corp status, scoring above average in all assessed. The company’s aim is to promote better business and community wellbeing through the integration of Social Value into day-to-day business activity across all sectors.

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